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WHAT WE DO - Management Team Assessment & Development

Successful organizations are dedicated to developing and maintaining great cultures. If an organization is growing, merging, or changing its focus you need to have the right team in place to assure that you can achieve your goals.

Adviza has expertise in management team assessment, development, coaching, and goal-setting. We help CEOs, Executive Directors, and boards develop plans to answer the following questions:

  • Do you have the right team to achieve your mission and goals?
  • What are the unique skills of your current team? What new skills will you need moving forward?
  • How do you hire, promote and retain the right people?
  • How can you build an organization that provides your employees with a sense of ownership, pride and responsibility in their work?
  • How can you encourage a culture of entrepreneurship?
  • What are the right incentives to yield maximum productivity?
  • What kind of communication rhythm will be effective, but not too time-consuming?
  • How can you hold employees accountable for results without stifling innovation?
  • How can you develop new managers and the next generation of leaders?


ADVIZA works with executives and boards to transform organizations in the following areas:
Strategic Planning
Management Team Assessment & Development
Board Development and Training
Executive Coaching
Program Evaluation and Client Feedback
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