Adviza Consulting: Consulting services for executives who are committed to innovation and imporovement
WHAT WE DO - Program Evaluation and Client Feedback

To thrive in today’s competitive environment all organizations must innovate. Evaluation is an essential component of understanding the impact of change. Client feedback and outcome measurement help organizations determine if they are making a valuable difference. We tailor our methodology to our clients' needs and budgets.

We help our clients to:

  • Understand, verify or increase the impact of products or services on clients.
  • Identify program/service/product strengths and weaknesses that can help organizations improve and change course.
  • Verify if a program/service/product is working as planned.
  • Define measures of success and set goals to determine success.
  • Examine and describe effective programs/services/products before duplicating them elsewhere.


ADVIZA works with executives and boards to transform organizations in the following areas:
Strategic Planning
Management Team Assessment & Development
Board Development and Training
Executive Coaching
Program Evaluation and Client Feedback
Adviza Consulting
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