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WHAT WE DO - Strategic Planning

Organizations  can't succeed without thoughtful plans and measurable goals. Many companies spend extraordinary amounts of time creating strategic plans that are so overwhelming they end up collecting dust on a back shelf in the CEO's office.

At Adviza we believe that strategic planning should be thoughtful, dynamic and result in an Action Plan that includes SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Aligned, Realistic, and Time-based). We work with organizations to develop a living document that the company can amend quarterly so that it retains its relevance to evolving challenges, budgetary constraints, goals and priorities.

Our strategic planning process helps boards and managers to:
  • Define a vision and values that both guides and inspires
  • Create measurable goals and objectives to track success
  • Set deadlines and assign accountability
We have conducted planning sessions for a wide range of organizations in the context of:

  • Leadership transitions
  • Mergers & re-organizations
  • Organizational integration
  • Annual planning


ADVIZA works with executives and boards to transform organizations in the following areas:
Strategic Planning
Management Team Assessment & Development
Board Development and Training
Executive Coaching
Program Evaluation and Client Feedback
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